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Jake Behan BSc is Head of Operations at airmid healthgroup


  Several members of the airmid healthgroup team attended FILTECH 2023 in Cologne, Germany from February 14 to 16. FILTECH is one of the world’s leading trade shows in the field of filtration and separation technology. Colm Kinsella, Jake Behan, and Naga Bonagiri attended a number of courses and lectures at the event, and they remarked on how the event had broadened their knowledge of the filtration industry. “It was interesting to learn about upcoming new air quality regulations, and how...

Fresh Air Purification Systems – Providing You With Healthier, Cleaner Air.

What do you do if you feel that your home or office is stuffy? There are some obvious benefits to opening a window. An open window helps provide a room with air changes, which means the air within a space is exchanged. Air from an open window can replace the stagnant room air, which may be contaminated with mold, bacteria or viruses that could cause illness. The increased ventilation can help decrease carbon-dioxide levels that build over time due to room occupants’ breathing. High levels of...