Allergen Filtration Integrity

Description of the Test

Evaluation of the integrity of a Vacuum Cleaner filtration system for allergens.

Products that can be tested

Vacuum Cleaners.


  • The allergen level in the small chamber is sampled whilst feeding ATD at the specified rate.
  • Conditions and set-up of the small chamber are detailed.
  • An air sampler is placed in the small chamber and run to determine background allergen levels. A particle counter is run simultaneously. Settle plates are also used.
  • Allergen Test Dust is fed into the suction hose at a known rate whilst the VC is running.
  • The challenge is repeated a number of times.
  • The PTFE filter and settle plates in the chamber are analysed for allergens over know time intervals.
  • Airborne and settle plate allergen levels are reported in picgram per m3 and cross referenced particle counts per m3.

Samples Required

3 vacuum cleaners with 9 bags and 9 filters

Turnaround Time

4 weeks


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