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EAACI 2024EAACI 2024

The EAACI 2024 Congress, renowned as the world’s largest Allergy Congress, promises a multi-day scientific program filled with enlightening discussions, diverse session formats, and cutting-edge abstracts presenting the latest discoveries. This scientifically rich event offers attendees the opportunity to engage with global experts who will share their knowledge, experiences, and the latest innovations in the field.

One standout abstract submission this year is being presented by airmid healthgroup’s Chief Technical Officer, Angela Southey, PhD, MPH, titled “Sleep Tight! – Bed Bug Testing of Bedding Encasements.” Aaron Robinson, MSc Parasitology, who is part of the science team at airmid, has carried out this research to address the growing concern of bed bug infestations in urban areas and the need for effective, safe preventative measures over chemical treatments.

The Rising Bed Bug Challenge

Bed bugs can easily infest households and survive extended periods without feeding, making them a persistent problem. With their populations on the rise in cities, the importance of preventative control measures is paramount. Bedding companies play a crucial role in this strategy by producing bedding encasements that act as barriers to bed bugs, preventing their escape, bite-through, or repelling them altogether.

Aaron Robinson’s findings highlight the necessity of rigorous testing to validate the effectiveness of these encasements. Reliable testing ensures that these products truly offer the protection they claim against bed bug infestations.

Bed Bug Testing at airmid healthgroup

EAACI 2024At airmid healthgroup, we maintain an in-house colony of bed bugs and offer a comprehensive range of testing services conducted in dedicated chambers. In response to the sharp increase in bed bug infestations, airmid has pioneered advanced bed bug behavioural monitoring combined with highly specific and sensitive molecular testing.

Our expert team conducts numerous tests, including assays using artificial bed bug feeders to determine if materials are bite-proof across all developmental stages of the bed bug lifecycle. Additionally, we perform both small and large-scale barrier assays to ensure products effectively prevent bed bugs from escaping once entrapped in a protective barrier case.

Advanced and Bespoke Testing Services

 We offer specialized testing options, such as viability and repellency assays, which can be tailored to the type of product being tested, whether it’s a liquid or embedded in a particular material. All tests are conducted using the Cimex lectularius species in temperature and humidity-controlled chambers, ensuring accuracy and reliability. For added transparency, video footage and imagery of the tests can be provided.


airmid healthgroup’s presence at the EAACI 2024 Congress demonstrates our commitment to advancing bed bug research and offering innovative solutions to combat infestations. Our current research on bedding encasements highlights our dedication to developing effective preventative measures, ensuring a safer, bed bug-free environment for all.

Join us at EAACI 2024 to explore these groundbreaking findings and more.

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