airmid shortlisted for Innovation Awards with O2

airmid healthgroup are delighted to have been shortlisted for a business award in the category Docklands Innovator of the Year 2012 for their research on indoor aerobiology and indoor air quality that was recently presented at an international medical meeting in the United States.

On Thursday, 29th November the Docklands Business Forum are celebrating the extraordinary achievements of Dockland businesses in the field of research and innovation.

The Docklands Business Awards will be held in the Gibson Hotel with a welcome reception at 6.30pm followed by dinner and the award presentations.

The Docklands Business Forum celebrates the role business plays in our community with the Dockland Business Awards and highlights companies that invent new products to improve standards of living and inspire new services to improve efficiency.

Innovation starts with a great idea to add value to a product or service and then carries the thought through to its application. This award recognises exceptional success in the area of entrepreneurial innovation for a company located in the Docklands area.

O2 has been shortlisted for the launch of their mobile couponing pilot in Dublin’s ‘Silicon Docklands’ area, in partnership with contactless technology firm 2ergo.

“Docklands Deals is a fantastic example of how O2 is working with innovative technology partners, such as 2ergo, to deploy new tools and services improving the functionality of mobiles in consumers’ daily lives,” said Telefónica Ireland marketing and innovation director Eugene Mitchell.

“The whole issue of health indoors and how we can optimise products and services to ensure indoor air quality where we work and live is as healthy as possible is a key issue as we strive to make buildings more energy efficient,” said Dr Bruce Mitchell (no relation) “we are delighted to be short listed for this prestigious award and also to be competing with 02 who have a serious track record in innovation technology partnerships.

airmid healthgroups mission is to help clients with products and services for the built environment improve their customer offerings through health related innovations and marketing. To create value through a number of collaborative strategies including field research, environmental test chamber studies and licensing our own intellectual property. By specialising in studying how allergens, viruses, and other ultra-fine particles spread illness and disease in buildings we are a leading authority in aerobiology and biomedical research. Our clients succeed by making the built environment as healthy as possible

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