airmid healthgroup ltd Highlights Marked Differences Between ISO Fine Test Dust and ‘Real’ Household Dust

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Dublin, Ireland, June 9th, 2011

Consistent with airmid healthgroup ltd‘s policy of R&D, patent filing and publications in high impact factor journals, Technical Manager Dr Angela Southey has been invited to present her data at the prestigious 13th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate in Austin, Texas.

Dr Southey will present her impressive research with the subject matter A Comparison of the Characteristics of ISO Fine Test Dust Versus Real House Dust. The key findings from the study concluded that particle size distribution of ISO Fine Dust is markedly different to the dust a vacuum cleaner would encounter in the home. Therefore, a test dust more closely resembling “real” household dust should be used in conjunction with the current test dusts for vacuum cleaner testing. ISO Fine Dust is commonly used by the ASTM for determining change in room air particulate counts as a result of test dust removal from floor coverings with the vacuum cleaner under test.

“Standardisation of consumer product testing is necessary to assist in making informed decisions and test dusts will always have a place in vacuum cleaner testing” said Dr Southey of the study. “Our findings are significant and should be considered by any vacuum cleaner manufacturers seeking the most accurate information as to how their product will perform in a home environment”.

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