Airborne Allergen Test

Description of the test

Evaluation of the impact of a vacuum cleaner on airborne allergen levels during vacuum cleaning.

Products that can be tested

Vacuum Cleaners.


  • This test is carried out while vacuuming a test carpet charged with a known quantity of allergen containing test dust in a large chamber at 23 ± 2°C, RH 50 ± 5%).
  • Air samplers with controlled air sample rate are placed at various sites in the chamber.
  • The air samplers are calibrated at a known airflow rate and are fitted with cassettes and PTFE filters.
  • A particle counter is run simultaneously.
  • Sampling takes place over a number of timing intervals.
  • A personal sampler is also used.
  • Following each sampling, membrane filters are removed and extracted and analysed for allergen levels.

Samples Required

3 vacuum cleaners with 9 bags and 9 filters

Turnaround Time

4 weeks


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