Air Conditioners

airmid has a state of the art bio-medical facility with large scale climate controlled chambers where we specialise in key areas of concern for indoor air quality.


airmid healthgroup offers investigations in a uniquely integrated facility which combines molecular biology and state-of-the-art air sampling in highly developed environmental test chambers, where we can follow nominated viruses, bacteria, molds or other ultra-fine particles as they become airborne and are distributed throughout the chamber, both in the presence and absence of the air conditioner under investigation.

Data generated in this manner will have a vastly greater degree of sensitivity and specifity than anything generated by conventional culture techniques. The technology also allows for quantification of residual micro-organism content within the air conditioner and its ability to shed, recirculate or capture any infective particles.

This helps our air conditioner clients add value to their communication material and differentiate their customer offerings using world class marketing that can focus on bio-medical data, impact claims and indoor air quality.