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Using our modified ASHRAE 52.2 test duct rig and our state of the art ASTM environmental test chamber, we can assess the performance of in-duct or in-sequence air purification devices.

Both media based and no/low impedance air quality systems can be measured for their ability to remove microorganisms. Whichever microorganisms you wish to test for, be it viruses, bacteria, mold, allergen or other toxic substances, airmid healthgroup can tailor the test protocol parameters to your requirments.

We have expertise of UV, Photo-Catalytic, Ionisation, Ozone and Plasma technologies, used with or without HEPA or ULPA filters.

Through investigations carried out in vitro, in a controlled environment through chamber based studies or in real life situations, airmid healthgroup can provide:

  • A road test of early ideas at a lab level
  • Chamber performance testing before going in to production
  • An open source innovation for Intellectual Property development
  • New technology verification
  • Valuable data for a science based retail proposition
  • Help to think outside of the standard ISO/ASTM/ASHRAE test for product breakthroughs

Samples generated in our environmental chambers can be rapidly analysed in our adjacent microbiology laboratory, where we can probe selected microorganisms using real time polymerase chain reaction (rt-PCR). Allergen samples are analysed by ELISA

Data generated in this manner will have a vastly greater degree of sensitivity and specifity than anything generated by conventional culture techniques. The technology also allows for quantification of residual microorganism content within the air cleaner and its ability to capture any infective particles being shed.

"Working with airmid healthgroup has given us access to valuable knowledge in aerobiology and indoor air quality. Their scientific expertise and rigorous testing process has supported our message that Fellowes AeraMax™ air purifiers can make a real contribution to improving the quality of air in homes and offices"
Roger Frye,
Vice President Global Marketing - Fellowes Work Solutions

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