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Health Friendly Air independently tested NEWThe airmid healthgroup health friendly air® service provides independent health based indoor air testing and consultancy for the built environment. Clients who have used our services across the world include facilities management companies, hospitals, laundries, bakeries, airlines, schools, libraries, museums, underground car parks and retail outlets.

Our services include:

Expert Reports

Our unique range of expertise positions us as a leading provider of expert reports on indoor air quality issues. Our team has investigated and reported on several high profile indoor air quality cases around the world. We can provide;

Why airmid healthgroup?

airmid healthgroup offers access to a team of specialist scientists, public health experts and medical professionals operating from a state of the art testing facility. airmid's facilities include a number of walk-in climate controlled chambers designed to simulate the indoor environment. These chambers are surrounded by an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited allergen laboratory, along with microbiology and virology laboratories, enabling rapid analysis of samples. These assets, together with our experience of assessing indoor air quality issues in the field through our health friendly air® programme, provide a unique body of knowledge in this area. Our clients use this knowledge to help ensure optimum health, productivity and legal compliance.

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