airmid healthgroup has been selected for data verification and certification testing for the asthma and allergy friendly™ certification program in America, Canada and the UK

HVAC/Furnace Filters that are certified asthma and allergy friendly™ are tested to the ASP:08:03 HVAC/Furnace Filter Certification Standard. Media based filters alone are considered in this protocol. Other technologies are not eligible for certification under this standard.

The HVAC/Furnace Filter Certification Standard includes:

  • Evaluation of the capability of the filter to remove allergens from the air flow in a defined space
  • Evaluation of the fiber shedding potential of the filter
  • Evaluation of seals

Part 1: Effective removal of allergen from airflow

Several common indoor airborne allergens are associated with different particle sizes and are measured during testing to recreate real-life in-home conditions as equivalently as possible.

A specified minimum percentage of introduced airborne allergens and microparticles (<1.0µm) must be demonstrably removed from the air flow by a certified HVAC / Furnace filter. Certified HVAC / Furnace filters must be at least 95% effective for removal of allergens such as pollen.

Pressure drop

The performance of a filter may be affected when captured particulates build up on the filter surface. The captured particulates increase the resistance to airflow, which causes a pressure drop across the filter. This not only adversely affects the efficiency of the filter but also increases running costs as more energy is required to operate the fans and blowers. Certified filters come with replacement recommendations to help prevent occurrence of significant pressure drop.

Part 2: Filter Shedding

During the filter life it is possible for fibers or parts of fibers from the filter medium to become loose and to be shed into the airflow, potentially causing a health risk. This depends on the integrity and construction of the filter media, therefore this issue is considered in the testing protocol.

Part 3: Bypass

Air bypass is when the airflow does not pass through the HVAC / furnace filter, for example when the filter media is not adequately sealed in its receptacle. This increases the potential of particulates such as airborne allergens leaking into the indoor air and this part of testing assesses this aspect of the standard.

All certified asthma & allergy friendly™ HVAC/Furnace Filters carry a unique certification code.



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