• Allergen Laboratory
    airmid healthgroup is the only ISO/IEC 17025:2005 INAB accredited testing laboratory Reg. no. 284T for House Dust Mite and Cat Allergen analysis.
  • Recent Projects
    Click for a snapshot of recent projects that airmid healthgroup has completed on behalf of a number of market leading companies across a variety of sectors.
  • Microbiology Laboratory
    Our scientists possess extensive expertise and provide a comprehensive range of analytical and interpretation capabilities in Bacteriology, Mycology and Virology
  • Environmental Test Chambers
    We specialise in the assessment of key areas of concern that relate to indoor air quality, such as allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold, and toxins.
  • Contract Research
    We deliver mission-focused contract research that impacts design and development strategies and accelerates new policies and practices that foster innovation.
    Services to manufacturers, retailers, architects, government agencies and large multinational corporations.

World class science bringing powerful business knowledge to life.

Contract Research, Claim Verification and Certification.

As a leading biomedical contract research organisation specialising in aerobiology, we help world leading companies to develop, innovate and differentiate their products and services through the delivery of market relevant, health based data. 

We have the ability to generate data, via three distinct and progressing modalities, depending on where your product and services are in your development cycle:

  • Laboratory Bench Testing

  • Environmental Test Chambers

  • Field Studies 

Our multidisciplinary team which includes medical specialists, occupational hygienists and scientists with expertise in mycology, virology, bacteriology, allergy and immunology not only delivers testing to the highest standards, but also interpretation of results in terms of the impact on the indoor environment and people's health.

Through a focus on bio-medical data, health impact claims and air quality (particularly aerobiology), we deliver valuable data for:

Consumer Products

  • Accelerate innovation cycles and reduce R&D costs
  • Faster time to market for prototypes
  • Reputational issues, insurance and risk

Indoor Environments

  • Environmental data capture for health related parameters and chamber modeling
  • Health related environmental trials and field studies
  • Epidemiology studies including biomonitoring and exposure assessments.

Your products and services can be assessed for impact on consumer health using proprietary and internationally accepted test methods. Our large environmental chambers and state of the art analytical technology measure multiple parameters related to indoor air quality

  • Indoor air pollutants
  • Bio aerosols
  • Particulates
  • Toxins
  • Allergens

Our clients describe us as a specialised extension to their research capabilities, we capture, store and manage your data and most importantly convert it into value. We are in the results business, and our results improve lives.

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